Wednesday, February 18, 2015

New beginnings...

Time has passed by without much of activity here in the blog land. The process of adapting to a new world is however smooth , it is only my laziness .
I totally love the new city despite its traffic woes and the excitement of a new home is still on.I am overflowing with ideas of homedecor.
New hobby..
The greenery everywhere is the most I love in my surrounding. Waking up to the call of mynha and cuckoo is a bliss and I have picked up backyard bird watching as a new hobby:) It is so much fun and here is a short list of birds I have spotted so far in my vicinity.
1. Male and female Asian Koel
2. cuckoo
3. Jungle crow
4. Pied bushchat 
5. Purple rumped sunbird
6. Shikra
7. Mynha

Spotted an owl too but it flew away before I could identify :( hoping to spot her again....

A giveaway win...

Last month also saw me winning a giveaway organised by Allkraftz, the online yarn store(yeah:):)) based in Noida. This is my first win and I was so so happy to receive two knit pro nova circulars as a gift. Time to pick up my knitting;) .

 Allkraftz team is doing a commendable job and it's such a pleasure ordering here. I like their gesture of adding little handmades along with the orders, every time. Looking forward for more yarns!

That's all for now...  Have a wonderful day folks...

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

A WIP wednesday

It is good that I made a list of sorts.Lot of ideas of this and that, got cleared of my mind and I actually started working though my list. Yeah!:)
My "Ripple Love" afghan has grown and is not mobile anymore.So I am working on it whenever I find time at home , making a slow progress- maybe a row or two.This is how it looks now:)

Also started on a filet , as" a on the go" project.I have pinned this,"Home sweet home" chart long back.
Looks simple and classy. Would make a beautiful home decor, if it is framed.Perfect for my new home. What is more exciting than planning and setting up a  new nest?!

Project details:

Pattern: Filet-Home sweet home
Source: Sauntering stitches blog
Thread: Anchor red heart crochet cotton size 20
Needle: Boye size 9(1.4mm)

Thats all for now.
Happy crocheting everyone:)

Monday, August 25, 2014

A Year Of Projects

More than a year has passed away without much activity here. Life has been a roller coaster ride.Things are settling down  and I am BACK!

Niki inspired me to join "A Year of Projects" blog along happening at ravelry.

My crafting list for YOP 14-15:

Baby Blanket:

1.For my nephew/niece: A new addition to the family:) 

2.Friend's baby: She is due around December first week


I have a lot of WIPs stuffed everywhere, waiting to be finished and put to use. 

1.Granny bag

2.My hobo
3.Starling bag
4.Two amigurumi

Ripple Love: This is a special project for ME. A blanket of love for my  new home. 

A gift for my fiancee and myself!More like a wedding gift to Me! Sounds crazy???
Hoping to finish it before November.

Challenge: Take up knitting!

Book: 99 little doilies- have  been through this book and did two doilies. Would like to make some more

Try at

1. Hair accesories for my little niece Kavya

2. Jewellery
3. Clothing- Shrug & Skirt
4. Sweater for Mr. S
5. Decor for my new home

The list is not very specific, but this is all I have in my mind now. Just like a small compass directing in my crochet land:)

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Dil maange more.....

Something or the other is keeping me away from posting here. Though I had a very creative time all these days , I couldn't update :(

These are the few FOs.

A quick work.Mobile pouch for my Sis's MIL .Just alternating rows of Sc,Hdc and Dc.

Doilies.... When I see those beautiful doilies crocheted in fine thread , I wonder how people create such a magic. Here I have tried mine.It is only a try and I very well understood that a lot of patience is required to crochet with threads.Hey hey i don't have any and I'm gonna cultivate the virtue by continuing Threadwork:)

Here comes my beauties!

I blocked both the doilies with fabric stiffner .Yet I can see the clumsiness at edges.Practice makes a man perfect:) :) :)

A small book mark from left over thread of the pineapple doily:) Yipeee yep! I also made a mobile cozy for myself which I started using before I could take a snap .Silly excuse!

All these small things makes me happy !Happy crocheting:)

Monday, March 4, 2013

Shells & DC's

Days are passing by and WIP's are hibernating.... I wanted to crochet something which winds up fast and hurray! I did a beanie and drawstring bag..
Found some gratification in finishing a baby beanie in two hours and something wearable too.

It is crocheted for my niece. Tried hard for a modeled photograph- Alas! with all head bobbing and shaking,the beanie stays on her head for not less than 2 minutes and my photography skills are not too good to capture it in seconds:(

First time that I crocheted a rose. Hope it turned out well!

Here comes the drawstring bag- the surukupai (Tamil). My great grand ma used to have a drawstring bag made up of beautiful pieces of left over fabrics and it used to accompany her always carrying her tobacco and knick knacks.Just felt nostalgic :) This is my version of surukupai(drawstring bag) . Gifted it to my sister who is using it as a purse.

Happy Crocheting:)

Friday, February 1, 2013

Flowery Head band!

This is a simple headband that I crocheted for my Niece who is six months old:)

Little princess is happily wearing it:)
Happy crocheting!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Scrappy Book marks....

All the scrap yarns in my stash turned into beautiful useful bookmarks:)
Something for my own use..

The last one is to celebrate INDIA on its republic day.
Don't they all look cute?!

Happy crocheting:)